Unlock the freedom to explore Lahore and beyond with Top05 Rent a Car Lahore. Our hassle-free rental service puts you in the driver’s seat of comfort and convenience. From city jaunts to countryside adventures, we’ve got your journey covered. Just hop in and let the exploration begin!


Choosing the Right Car Rental Company

Selecting the perfect car rental company can make all the difference in your travel experience. At Top05 Rent a Car Lahore, we understand the importance of finding a reliable partner for your journey.

Reputation and Reviews

Before making your decision, take a moment to delve into the reputation of various car rental companies. Explore customer reviews and testimonials to gauge their reliability and service quality. Seek out companies praised for their excellent customer service, vehicle quality, and transparent pricing policies. Your peace of mind behind the wheel starts with choosing the right rental company.

Vehicle Selection

Take a look at the selection of vehicles offered for rental. A top-tier car rental company should boast a wide array of options, ranging from economy cars and sedans to SUVs and luxury vehicles. Ensure they have the variety you need to match your preferences and meet your travel requirements comfortably.

Pricing and Hidden Charges

Take the time to compare the rates offered by various car rental companies in Pakistan. Be thorough in examining additional charges like insurance, fuel, and mileage. It’s essential to ensure there are no hidden fees lurking to unexpectedly inflate the final rental cost. Transparency is key to making an informed decision and enjoying a hassle-free rental experience.

Booking Process and Terms​

Factor in the simplicity of the car booking process and the flexibility of rental terms. Seek out companies with user-friendly online booking systems and adaptable rental durations. Whether you require a car for a brief outing, a full day, or an extended journey, opt for a provider that accommodates your needs seamlessly, ensuring a stress-free rental experience from start to finish.

Top05 Car Rental Services Offer the Most Competitive Rates

Top05 Car Rental Services Offer the Most Competitive Rates

At Top05 Car Rental Service, we understand that our customers have different needs and budgets. That’s why we offer the most competitive rates for rental cars with drivers, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Our commitment to providing budget-friendly options is evident in our daily rental rates, making your journey both comfortable and cost-effective.

Sedan Cars

Top05 Rent a Car in Lahore presents compact sedans available at daily rates ranging from PKR 3500 to 7000. These vehicles blend fuel efficiency with unmatched comfort, catering perfectly to solo travelers or couples. Discover the ease and comfort of Top05 Rent a Car in Lahore affordable rental choices as you embark on your adventure.

SUVs & Trucks

Top05 Rent a Car Lahore presents a selection of SUVs and trucks available for rent, catering to families or group excursions. With rates starting from PKR 6,000 to 40,000 per day, our vehicles offer ample space and power for your adventures. Rent a car with a driver from us and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Lahore. Set off on a journey to uncover breathtaking landscapes.

Luxury Cars

Experience luxury cars like never before with Top06 premium car rental services. Choose from elite models such as the Audi A6 or BMW 7 Series, ensuring the pinnacle of comfort and style. Enjoy competitive rates starting from PKR 30,000 to 350,000 daily, and elevate your journey with Top05 Rent a Car Lahore, where luxury seamlessly meets affordability.

Vans & Coaster

For group travel or tours, Top05 provides rental vans and coasters tailored to accommodate larger groups. Rent-a-car prices start from PKR 10,000 to 35,000 per day, depending on the vehicle’s make and model. Secure your journey now with Top05 rent a car, guaranteeing safe and enjoyable group travel at competitive rent-a-car prices.

Top05 Rent a Car Lahore Pakistan provides budget-friendly rent-a-car rates and ensures exceptional customer service at every step of the rental process. Our dedicated team is committed to your satisfaction, offering flexible locations in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, and Karachi. When you need reliable transportation in Pakistan, trust Top05 rent-a-car service to make your journey seamless and enjoyable.

Rent a Toyota Corolla Car in Lahore


If you’re looking to rent a Toyota Corolla in Lahore for your wedding, tours, or travel needs, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Top05 Rent-a-Car in Lahore, Pakistan, provides Toyota Corolla rentals at budget-friendly rates.

Rent within Lahore CityPKR 5000-7000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 5500-12000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2017 – 2022
VariantsGLi – Altis – Grande
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Toyota Corolla Car Prices

Hire a Honda Civic in Lahore With a Driver

Secure a Honda Civic with a professional driver in Lahore through Top05 Car Rentals. Our fleet boasts the newest Honda Civic models, all at highly competitive rates.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 7000-12000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 7000-14000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2017 – 2022
VariantsStandard, Oriel, RS
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Honda Civic prices in Lahore

Suzuki Wagon R for Rent in Lahore

Experience affordability and convenience when you rent a Suzuki Wagon R from Top05 Car Rentals in Lahore. Perfect for tours and travel, it’s your ideal budget-friendly option. Book online now or drop by our office to secure your rental.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 3500 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 4000-6000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2017 – 2022
VariantsVXR, VXL, AGS
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Wagon R Rates in Lahore

Rent a Toyota Prado At Affordable Prices

Reach out to Top05 Rent A Car Lahore to lease a Toyota Prado in Lahore. Our Rent-a-Car service ensures you access to the newest Toyota Prado models at pocket-friendly rates.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 16000-30000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 18000-30000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2021 Up Lifts
VariantsTX, TZ
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Prado Rent in Lahore

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for Rent in Lahore

At Top05 Car Rental, you can now rent the latest Toyota Land Cruiser V8. Whether it’s for your wedding, tours, or travels, our car rental service in Lahore offers these premium vehicles at affordable rates.

Rent within Lahore CityPKR 25000-40000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 30000-45000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2017 – 2022 Up Lifts
VariantsZX, V8
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Land Cruiser V8 Price

Hire a Toyota Fortuner With a Driver

Make a lasting impression at your wedding or while touring the Northern areas by hiring a Toyota Fortuner with a driver in Lahore. Renting a car through us ensures access to the latest Toyota Fortuner models at budget-friendly rates.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 14000-25000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 18000-25000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2019 – 2022
VariantsLegender, Sigma
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Toyota Fortuner Price in Lahore

Rent a Toyota Revo And Travel in Style

For those seeking style in their travels, we recommend renting a Toyota Revo. Top05 Rent-a-Car in Lahore provides Toyota Revo options at an affordable rate, ensuring both elegance and value.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 12000-16000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 13000-18000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2019 – 2022
VariantsHilux, Rocco
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Revo Rental Prices

The Mighty Toyota Tundra On Rent in Lahore

Travel like a boss with a Toyota Tundra rental from Top05 Rent a Car in Lahore. Our car rental service provides the Toyota Tundra at highly competitive prices, ensuring you experience luxury without breaking the bank.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 13000-18000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 12000-16000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
VariantsTRD Pro
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Toyota Tundra Price

Rent An Audi A6 for a Wedding Event

Get in touch with us to rent an Audi A6 in Lahore for your wedding event. Rent-a-Car Lahore offers a selection of over 6 Audi A6s in black and white colors, all available at highly affordable rates through Top05 Rent A Car in Lahore.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 25000-35000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 30000-45000 per day
Fuel & TollsNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2017 – 2022
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Audi A6 Price in Lahore

Rent a 13-Seater Hiace or a 29-Seater Coaster Bus in Lahore with Top05 Rent A Car

Whether it’s a corporate outing, family trip, or special event, count on Top05 Rent-a-Car in Lahore as your reliable partner for group travel. Contact us today to rent a 13-seater Hiace or 29-seater Coaster Bus, ensuring your group travels in style and comfort. Wherever your destination, Top05 is here to make your journey memorable.

Hire a 13-seater Hiace Grand Cabin

Planning transport for a wedding event or tour? Hire a 13-seater Hiace Grand Cabin in Lahore through Top05 Rent-a-Car. We offer the latest Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin at affordable rates, ensuring your journey is both stylish and budget-friendly.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 10000-15000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 10000-15000 per day
Fuel, Tolls, & ChallansNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2017 – 2022
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Toyota Hiace Rates in Lahore

Rent a 29-seater Coaster Bus for Travel

If you’re traveling with a group of more than 20 people, we recommend renting a 29-seater Coaster Bus. Top05 Rent-a-Car Lahore offers the latest model of Toyota Coaster bus at an affordable price, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey for your group.


Rent within Lahore CityPKR 12000-30000 per day
Rent for outstation TravelPKR 15000-30000 per day
Fuel, Tolls, & ChallansNot Included
TimingMax 12 Hours
Model2017 – 2022
Variants4C, 5C Saloon
SafetySRS Air Bags, ABS Brakes, New Tyres

Coaster Bus Rates in Lahore

Rent a Car in Lahore on a Monthly Basis with a Driver

Rent a car monthly with a driver in Lahore from Top05 Rent a Car at affordable rates. Our monthly car rental deals cover cars, SUVs, and hatchbacks. However, certain Terms and Conditions apply, which we’ll guide you through for your understanding.

Agreement for Long-Term Car Rental in Lahore


  • Please specify the purpose for hiring a car with a driver.
  • The customer is responsible for arranging accommodation and food for the driver of the monthly hired car.
  • The customer must change the lubricant oil of the monthly hired car when it’s due.
  • Drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited inside the monthly hired car.
  • The customer is responsible for paying tolls and fuel charges for the monthly car hire.
  • The customer is not permitted to drive the monthly hired car.
  • The mentioned long-term car hire rates include the driver.
  • However, the monthly rent for outstation travel may vary. Rent must be paid upfront in advance.

Monthly Car Hire Rates with the Driver in Lahore

Toyota Corolla130000Within Lahore City
Honda Civic160000Within Lahore City
Toyota Yaris130000Within Lahore City
Honda BRV150000Within Lahore City
Suzuki Cultus10000Within Lahore City
Wagon R100000Within Lahore City

Find Affordable Lahore Car Rental Prices for Tours

Top05 Rent-a-Car Lahore is excited to announce special discounted prices in 2024 for tourists. Whether you’re a local or visiting the breathtaking landscapes of Pakistan’s northern areas, embark on your tour with us. As part of our commitment to promoting tourism in Pakistan, we’ve revised our car rental prices for tours.

Car TypeRent per day (min-3 days)Rent per day (over 7 days)
Toyota Corolla GliRs.6,500Rs.6,000
Toyota YarisRs.6,500Rs.6,000
Honda CityRs.6,000Rs.6,000
Wagon RRs.5,000Rs.4,500
Honda BRVRs.8,000Rs.7,500
Honda CivicRs.7,500Rs.7,000
Land cruiserRs.30,000Rs.27,000
Toyota RevoRs.16,000Rs.14,000
Coaster SaloonRs.18,000Rs.16,000
Hiace CabinRs.12,000Rs.10,000

Top04 Rent a Car Lahore Services

Top05 car rental offers premier rent-a-car services in Lahore city. Rent any car for any purpose with ease, no matter your location within Lahore. Our commitment is to provide you with the utmost service and resources.

Rent a Car in Bahria Town Lahore


Bahria Town Lahore stands out as one of the most scenic and meticulously designed communities, albeit located a distance from the city center. If you’re seeking car rental services within Bahria Town Lahore, reach out to Top05. We provide the most economical car rental solutions in Bahria Town. Choose from our range of cars, and we’ll have them delivered to you within minutes.

Car Rental in Johar Town


Johar Town Lahore stands as one of the largest and most developed communities. Rent a car in Johar Town from Top05 at affordable prices. Whether you need a Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Prado, Fortuner, Land Cruiser, Audi A6, or Limousine, we’ve got you covered. For more information, visit our page.

Rent a Car in Model Town Lahore


Experience seamless and reliable car rental services in Model Town, Lahore, with Top05 Car Rentals. Our diverse fleet ensures you’ll find the perfect vehicle for your journey. Booking a car is easy with our user-friendly platform. Explore Lahore confidently with Sher Brothers as your trusted partner. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of our top-notch rental services. Book a car today for hassle-free travel from Model Town, Lahore.

Lahore Airport Car Rental


Experience unparalleled convenience with Top05 Car Rentals Lahore Airport Car Rental services. Our reliable fleet ensures a seamless journey from the moment you land. Effortlessly rent a car at Lahore Airport through our user-friendly platform. Top05 Car Rentals takes pride in providing top-notch services, making car rental in Lahore easy. Trust us for a comfortable and reliable travel experience, whether for business or leisure.

Intercity Car Service from Lahore

Explore beyond Lahore with Top05 Car Rentals Intercity Car Service, where convenience and comfort meet. Whether it’s for business or leisure, our reliable vehicles and professional chauffeurs guarantee a smooth and enjoyable journey to your destination.

Rent a Car in DHA Lahore

Rent a car in DHA Lahore with Top05 Car Rentals. Enjoy the best prices and reliable service with us. Select from a range of vehicles to suit your needs. Reserve online or visit our office for assistance. Make your trip memorable with a rental car from Top05 Car Rentals. Contact us today.

Luxury Car Rental Services

Top05 Car Rentals stands as the premier luxury car rental company in Lahore, Pakistan. Our fleet showcases the latest models, featuring Audi, Toyota Prado, Toyota Land-Cruiser V8, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Revo, Mercedes, BMW, MG, and Kia Sportage. Book our Limo Service and luxury rental cars in Lahore for your weddings, tours, and travels.

The Historic Places Worth Visiting in Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, the largest, oldest, and most modern city in the Punjab province of Pakistan, boasts numerous historic sites such as Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Masjid Wazir Khan, Lahore Museum, and many more. If you’re visiting from any city in Pakistan and wish to explore these landmarks, we recommend hiring a car in Lahore from Top05 Car Rentals.

  • Lahore Fort
  • Masjid Wazir Khan
  • Bibi Pak Daman
  • Gurdwara Dera Sahib
  • Emperor Jahangir’s Tomb
  • Tomb of Data Ali Hajvri
  • Wagah Border
  • Haveli of Nau Nihal Singh
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Samadhi of Ranjit Singh
  • Alhamra Arts Council
  • Lahore Museum

The List of Parks and Gardens in Lahore for Outing

Book a car in Lahore if you don’t own one and wish to visit these places. We offer the most affordable rental options for such outings and activities.

  • Shahdara Bagh
  • Shalimar Gardens
  • Hazuri Bagh
  • Lawrence Garden
  • Changa Manga Wildlife Park
  • Rana Resort
  • Nasir Bagh
  • Model Town Park
  • The Greater Iqbal Park
  • Gulshan Iqbal Park
  • Jallo Wildlife Park
  • Army Museum
  • Jallo Park
  • Joyland
  • Sozo Water Park
  • Lahore Botanical Gardens
  • Lahore Zoo
  • Lahore Zoo Safari

Famous Super Markets and Grocery Stores in Lahore

Top05 Car Rentals offers special car rental deals for grocery runs. Our professional drivers are well-acquainted with supermarket and grocery store locations, ensuring a convenient and efficient trip.

  • Al-Fatah
  • Esajee’s
  • Imtiaz Store
  • Green Valley
  • Zenith
  • Haryali Store
  • Hyperstar
  • HyperMart
  • Makro
  • Aslam Mart
  • Metro Cash & Carry
  • Naturally Wholesome
  • Neat Meat
  • The Organic Shop
  • Jalal Sons

List of the Best Shopping Malls of Lahore

Planning a shopping spree and seeking the best places to shop in Lahore? Let Top05 Rent a Car assist you with affordable rates, navigation services, and driver assistance. Easily navigate to Lahore’s top shopping malls and markets with our help.

  • Emporium Mall
  • Amanah Mall
  • Xinhua Mall
  • Packages Mall
  • Fortress Square Mall
  • Avenue Mall
  • Mall of Lahore
  • Mall 1
  • Liberty Market

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any discounts on weekly and monthly rentals?

Top05 car rentals in Lahore offer a special discount when you book a rental car for more than a week.

What is the cancellation policy?

Unfortunately, in the event of cancellation, 50% of your advance payment will be deducted.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Lahore, Pakistan?

A Toyota Corolla will cost you PKR 4000/day without fuel & tolls, while a Suzuki Wagon-R will cost you PKR 3000/day without fuel & tolls.

Which is the best and cheapest rent-a-car company near Raiwind Road Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore?

Top05 provides the best rent-a-car services in Lahore. It is located at Raiwind Road Thokar, opposite Universal College Lahore.

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